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As part of the CV writing process my main aim is to design targeted documents that focus on:

  • Key Word Optimisation

  • ATS Compatability

  • Impactful Achievements 

  • Market Leading Information

​Stage 1: Research

The first stage of the writing process is research, lots of research. To fully understand your career, experience, skills, and achievements I will research your previous positions, companies, and key industry information. I will study your existing CV with the aim of understanding every little detail.

Stage 2: Further Information

I will then consult with you either by email or phone to ask you any questions I have regarding your previous experience. This is like a mini-interview, trying to gather as much information as I can from you to ensure the descriptions I write are accurately representing your skills and experience in your new professionally written CV.

Stage 3: Drafting

Once I have a solid understanding of your skills, achievements, and experience, I will work on drafting your new CV. Using targeted keywords for your industry and occupation, I will craft a fully bespoke document guaranteed to put you head and shoulders above the competition.

Stage 4: Document Design 

My professionally written CVs are designed to complement the newly written content, and no two designs are the same. If you have a CV design or format you prefer, I can work towards that, but I will typically design the CV based on your industry and personal experience.

Stage 5: Proofreading

Once I have completed the first draft of your CV  I will review it again and look to identify any areas of improvement whilst checking the spelling, grammar, layout, and design.

Stage 6: Revisions

Often, revisions will be required, this is totally normal and expected. Think about it this way, no one knows your career better than you, regardless of how long I research your positions, companies, experience and skills. I’ll have the first drafts of your CV sent to you within 7 working days, but I offer a complete satisfaction guarantee, so let me know any areas to be changed, and I will complete the edits within 48 hours.

Process: Imprint
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