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I pride myself on being able to help and support you meet your career goals and successfully transition into your next role. A well-crafted and consistent message across all of your branded documents and social media profiles is essential to this.

Ensuring your documents are carefully designed is a great place to start building your professional brand and transforming your career.

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On average, a recruiter or HR Manager will only spend approximately 7-9 seconds reviewing your CV before deciding whether to progress you to the next stage of the recruitment process.

For this reason, it is so important to make sure you are applying for a new role with a content-rich CV, that is professionally written, impactful, and truly highlights your experience and unique skills, whilst also demonstrating the value you can bring to potential employers.

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Your LinkedIn profile and CV should complement each other, creating a clear picture of who you are, whilst demonstrating credibility in your industry and highlighting your achievements. LinkedIn is a great platform for you to showcase your professional brand, expertise, recommendations and connections.

LinkedIn allows you to have an online brand that makes you visible to key decision-makers and recruiters. With over 93% of recruiters using LinkedIn to research and recruit potential candidates, your profile must stand out from others.

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A quality Cover Letter should be concise and powerful with a focus on the hiring manager’s needs. Each letter needs to be targeted to the key requirements of the role you’re applying for and demonstrate compelling content that shares your motivation and suitability for the role.

The most powerful cover letters work in conjunction with your CV to enhance your application and set your apart from the competition, helping to give you the best chance of success.  Most employers are around 40% more likely to read a CV with a well-written cover letter.

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Your Executive Biography is a succinct, one-page, stand-alone version of your career highlights and skills. This is an ideal document to help compliment to your CV, LinkedIn profile, and your personal website.

Executive Biographies are used as a networking tool, even if you’re not hunting for a new role.  You can share your biographies with contacts across your network, recruiters, and hiring managers at target companies.  Biographies can also be shared at networking events and can be useful for those working as independent consultants to provide some background information to potential clients.

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